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Electricians terminology - What is your local electrician talking about?

People of Bristol, Your local Electrician has compiled a A - Z of electrical terminology to help you understand what we are talking about.We always try to explain to our clients exactly what we are doing , unfortunately the jargon a registered electrician will use can not be helped as it comes second nature to us! I hope this list helps

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AC - Alternating Current

Accessories - Sockets ,light switches etc are known as accessories

AFDD - Arc Fault Detection Device

Amp - (Ampere,amps) is the unit of measurement for the flow of current



Bayonet Cap - (BC) A lamp base that has pins requiring a push and twist into a lamp holder

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Capping - Plastic or metal to cover the cables when chasing

Chase - (Chases,Chased,Chasing)Cutting into walls to conceal cables and back boxes

Class 1 Equipment - Appliances and fittings that have exposed metal parts the need to be earthed

Class 2 Equipment - Has no exposed metal parts or does not need to be earthed as there is extra protection inside the equipment

Conduit - A plastic or metal tube used to enclose and protect cables

Consumer Unit - otherwise known as fuse board,fuse box is where electricity is controlled and distributed

CPC - Circuit Protective Conductor, see 'Earthing'

CPS - Competent Persons Scheme such as NAPIT , STROMA, NICEIC allows electricians to certify their work

Current - See 'Amp'



DC - Direct Current

Down light - (Spot light, Down lighter,Spots) these are light fittings recessed in to a ceiling



Earthing - Earthing provides a path for fault current to prevent shock

Earth Rod - A metal rod driven into the ground to provide an independent means of earthing

Edison Screw - (ES)A type of lamp base that screws into a lamp holder

EIC - Electrical Installation Certificate ,this is a certificate you will receive on completion of any new installation and or alteration

EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report, also previously known as Periodic Report, you should receive one of these following an assessment of your electrical installation , for more information on EICRS see Condition Reports Explained



Flush - Electrical accessories are on show but back boxes and cables are buried in the walls





HMO - House in Multiple Occupation for more information on HMO wiring please go to HMO wiring guide



IR - Insulation resistance







Lamp - Light bulb

LED - Light Emitting Diode

LV - Low Voltage



Main Bonding - Connecting all services and structural steel which may form a path to earth

Making Good - Restoring the fabric of a building

MCB - Miniature Circuit Breaker is the protective device found at a consumer unit protecting each circuit

MET - Main Earthing Terminal

Mini Trunking - A plastic enclosure to run cables for surface installations







Part P - Is a building regulation that states anyone carrying out electrical work must ensure its designed and installed to prevent electric shocks - All electricians must comply to Part P for more information on Part P go to What is Part P?

PAT -Portable Appliance Testing

Protective Device - Usually a circuit breaker see 'MCB'





RCBO - Residual current Circuit Breaker with Over-current protection

RCD - Residual Current device

ReWire - The process of removing and replacing old or faulty wiring with new



Sparky - Slang word for an Electrician

SPD - Surge Protection Device

Spur - (Spurred,Spurs) Normally an additional socket taken from an existing socket

Surface Mounted - A term used to describe an installation carried out on the surface of the fabrics of a building using mini trunking or clips

SWA - Steel Wire Armour , is a type of cable used





U/S - Unserviceable , means an item is broken or damaged



Volts - (Voltage,V)Is a unit of measure of voltage or potential difference



Watt - (Watts,Wattage,W) is a unit of measurement for energy used by an appliance







If you're still in doubt, contact a qualified electrician for advice.

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