Helping a charity

Posted on FEB 20, 2019 at 20:00 PM

help bristols homeless

Burridge Electrical has been helping a local charity

Burridge Electrical has been carrying out the electrical refurbishment along side the help of other trades creating temporary accommodation from shipping containers.

What is the charity?

The charity is called Help Bristols Homeless (HBH)

Help Bristols homeless, have been given a new site by Bristol City Council for 5 years.The new site will be getting 20 containers which will be converted into 1 bedroom accommodations, complete with bathrooms, kitchens and living area.

Each container costs around £12,000 from start to finish. Help Bristol's homeless have a handful of containers in bedminster, and a home for the night bus donated by first bus ,which has now been converted into accommodation with multiple beds and heating.

The aim of this is to give the homeless a starting base to rebuild their lives.By providing security and dignity that every body deserves, and empower them to take an active role in improving their own situation.

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