How to reset a tipped RCD?

Posted on August 28, 2018 at 9:00 AM

tripped rcd

RCD's - How to reset them if it trips

What is an RCD?

RCD's (residual current devices), are electrical safety switches that isolates a circuit that has become unsafe or faulty.

RCD's will operate on a unsafe electrical circuit with in a fraction of a second, preventing the user from a potential hazard

You should call a qualified electrician if the RCD keeps instantly tripping.

Where is the RCD Located?

The RCD is normally located with in the main fuse box , and/ or in-line with your fuse box.

RCD's look like your regular MCB's (fuses) with a standard toggle switch which will be the main switch and a small rectangle button know as the test switch, most likely marked as 'T'.The device would also have the word RCD printed on it.

How to reset the RCD

First look at he RCD and establish the position of the toggle switch, if its in a different position (up or down) compared to the rest of your fuses, move the toggle switch to the same position as the rest, this is called 'resetting the RCD'

If the RCD stays reset, the main toggle switch does not go back to the other position, the problem is solved.

If the RCD does go back to the other position this is called ' a constantly tripping RCD '

For a constant tripping RCD - you could either unplug every appliance and try resetting the RCD, If it still trips you will have to call out an electrician

Always use a registered Electrician for any call outs contact Burridge Electrical

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