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LED lighting installations and energy saving products

We can save you up to 90% on your bills

We are a professional registered electrical and lighting company based in Bristol

Commercial LED lighting provides a fresh and greener type of lighting, which is up to 90% cheaper to run than your conventional lighting systems.

It does not matter whether your company has incandescent, fluorescent , metal halide or sodium lamps, there is an led alternative on the market that will improve your lighting energy performance, right now no other technology offers the same level of power reduction, whilst improving on operational performance.

We have installed LED tubes for retro refit or have carried out new installations from LED panels to LED low/ high bay light fittings.

Burridge Electrical has teamed up with ElectricBase to carry out LED Lighting installations, together we can offer 100% finance on your LED lighting installation (inc parts and labour).

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LED panel installation

Why is energy efficiency important to your business?

Reducing your energy uses can be good for business. Not only does it help reduce your impact on the environment, but it also portrays your business in a positive light.Especially if you are one of the leaders of your industry and will be setting good examples to others.

Reducing energy wastage, and making your energy usage more economical can reduce the amount you pay in bills to energy suppliers.Reducing your energy bills will give you additional funds which can be saved or reinvested back into your business.

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Free Lighting Surveys

Do you need a professional lighting survey? We carry out this service FREE of charge in the area of Bristol and Bath. The purpose is to identify where energy savings can be made and overall productivity and health & safety improved

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We have been installing high quality LED lighting systems since 2015 in a wide range of working environments across many sectors. Our installers are highly knowledgeable with old and current lighting systems and carry the relevant qualifications

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LED's are light emitting diodes.These are electronic components that produce light by converting electrical energy directly to light.Due to LED's efficiency and low energy usage,they are beginning to replace conventional lighting.
LED's have no filaments,gases or moving parts to fatigue or breakdown.
The initial cost of installing LED's maybe higher than conventional lighting,but LED's have an advantage.LED's have a longer life span, reduced maintenance and lamp replacement costs there are no labour costs to replace or repair conventional lighting,LED's also consume alot less energy.The overall cost of a LED lighting system can be significantly lower than the conventional lighting systems.Most LED installs offer a return on investment (ROI) or payback period as low as 1 - 3 years.
LED's do not emit ultra-violet (UV) light and no heat is released unlike their counterparts.This helps keep food fresher in cold stores or refridgerators and deli counters.
In europe, every light fitting must have a CE label.This informs you that the fitting conforms to all relevant European safety standards.The most important is EN 60598, this covers electrical, thermal and mechanical safety.
Outdoor LED fittings will have a IP (Ingress Protection) rating followed by a number which indicates the standard for LED suitability for various conditions.


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